Kevin and Esteban Show | Ep4 - The Ethics of Necessity





In this episode, we discuss whether or not ethics is at all related to necessity, and if so how it is.

Opening Monologue

It is admittedly difficult to not become blackpilled during such perilous times for our nation as these. Leftists riot and assault people in our streets, and in our college campuses, our elected president is hampered by partisan investigations, our culture is deteriorating into degeneracy, the left is increasingly more radical in their proposals by the day, the contemporary right is unwilling to do what is necessary to stop it, and we have a public that is so plagued by modernity that they are indifferent (at best), if not downright in support of all that wreaks havoc on our world. And yet I remain hopeful that we can win this struggle for the greatest nation that has ever existed, the United State of America. “How?” One might ask, well I believe we have the capacity to deploy a variety of tactical roadblocks in an effort to first stop them, and then start reversing all that they have done to destroy our nation. The first manifestation of this came in the form of Donald Trump, and yet he was merely the proof of concept. We must embrace the use of the tactics of the left, along with new ones of our own in order to ensure that their ruthless pursuit of power and dominance is met with a superior and more ruthless force to impede that pursuit. We must achieve victory over our leftist rivals for the sake of both us and them, for if we do not prevail in this, there will be nothing left to fight for. This battle is far from over, but we must realize a fundamental principle that is nearly universal in the achievement of any goal, and that is that there is no victory without sacrifice.

We Need Your Support

We are constantly and collectively under attack from the Postmodern Left; they wish to destroy all forms of meritocratic competition, and completely eliminate all dissidents from public discourse. If given the opportunity, they would not hesitate to completely turn us into social pariahs to the point of not being able to ever achieve traditional employment ever again, de-platform us entirely to the point where we are no longer able to process credit cards, and leave us completely so far removed from society that we would not even be able to receive essential medical care or nutrition.

Please do not give them this opportunity. If we are able to count on you to provide us with the proper amount of money in exchange for all the risk that we take on your behalf to fight these people, then we will not only find success, but we will prevail in our struggle and bring you the content of which you want to see more.

The more resources that you provide us, the more we can achieve singularity of focus without concern for meeting our basic needs.

There is no victory without sacrifice, and we are doing our part in this struggle,

are you?



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