Poem | The Death of Reason


Jacques Derrida


There was a time when the world made sense, when enlightenment was abundant and free, emerging from the dark ages we could finally see.

Then that darkness from which we came yet again snatched us up.

Only this time It was different, only this time it was of a secular variety.

The same group that once cried out for reason’s sake now wishes to destroy it,

in the name of a secular god, a god that needs no sacrifice, neither materially nor immaterially, this god asks for nothing and yet supposedly gives everything.

Everyone pretends to believe in this god, as the profession of belief, and somehow disbelief, is the only exception to the rule of no sacrifices.

The god fails to suspend disbelief due to his lack of ability to emulate relationships people are biologically hardwired to recognize, there’s no give and take with this god.

Everyone pretends to believe in this god, he makes another exception, he asks the people to give up on truth and submit to his will, for obeying this god, and his will to power is a virtue onto itself in this religion.

The people gladly take up this offer to make the additional sacrifice to this god that demands no sacrifices, and so they did.

The people adopted the belief that there is no such thing as truth, they scorned those in ancient times that believed otherwise, how primitive.

Everyone pretended to believe in this truth, that there is no such thing as truth. So, I converted, as it was the easiest thing to do.

For it would surely be primitive, and dare I say, "culture blind", to fail to understand that it is absolutely true that there is no absolute truth.

What do you mean that is a contradiction?

Aren’t such trivialities myopic little logic games?

All those who are not stuck in such antiquated bourgeoisie constructs such as “rationality” understand that is laughably “problematic” to suggest we adhere to objectivity and empiricism.

Of course, it is objectively good to worship a god that requires no sacrifice, grants instant virtue, but also requires the sacrifice of truth itself.

Who are you to say any of this is lacking in validity?

My God says that it is true, right, and valid to believe that there is no such thing as truth, righteousness, and validity.

And who are you to say that my god teaches contractions, only the one who knows the truth regarding truth itself could ever dictate what is true?

Evidence is therefore not required.

My god told me to describe reality in feelings, for he said this is the way to the truth that simultaneously does not exist.

My god told me today that he does not exist, who am I to say this is not true?

For he has declared that he is the single arbiter of what is true or false, and he has since declared such concepts to be inherently flawed, but I have determined that this god contains truth, that which he told me does not exist.

There is nothing contradictory about self-referential contradictions, which is the exact next thing that he told me.

My god makes me better than you, although there is no such thing as morality.

His name is Postmodernism.

Artist Statement

I am not directing this poem at any one experience in particular, this is more of a derivation of a multitude of experiences that I have had with people who have abandoned reason. The god in this poem represents both a fictional god, but also a metaphysical manifestation of irrationality itself in many ways. In this way, it was meant to be taken both literally and figuratively. The statements were meant to point out the irrational and dangerous nature of abandoning objectivity, something that men of the enlightenment age would abhor. I referenced the enlightenment as the first wave of secularism, only to be replaced by a second wave that would quickly fill the role of god with irrational word salads. I believe that the destruction of objectivity as a concept in of itself is extremely dangerously erroneous and has produced the horrors that were observed in the 20th century under communism and fascism. Usually, the demolition of truth tends to come as a precursor to the demolition of morality itself, which is then used as a means of justification for whatever is to come. This typically coincides with a slow dehumanization process for whatever group becomes the new bourgeoisie or kulaks. Under the rise of secular communism/socialism, before counter-revolutionaries are dealt with, they must be dehumanized by means of ascribing false artificial privileges to them as a class, breeding resentment and making any level of exploitation that much more socially acceptable. The abandonment of both objective reason and morality lays the ground perfectly for a will to power world. Any time the universality of ethics is brought up, instant obfuscation will kick in to reduce the perceived value of such “inconsequentialities”. Finally, the god in my poem is a reflection of the ego purely, the will to power, so to speak.

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